Commercial Loans to Small Business

Our industry-leading Commercial Loans to Small Business course teaches your organization’s business bankers, lenders, analysts, and underwriters how to use the Decision Strategy™ to analyze lending opportunities with businesses that earn less than $15 million in annual revenue.

This risk assessment-focused training solution begins with a comprehensive, seven-module eLearning course that first examines the asset conversion cycle and the different ways it unfolds at manufacturing, wholesaling, retail, and service businesses.

Learners then explore potential borrowing causes, so that they’re able to identify the underlying factors driving a business’s need to borrow. They also learn how to identify and evaluate risks inherent to the client’s industry, and perform an in-depth analysis of management and its strategies and goals.

Evaluation of a business’s financial condition incorporates both business and personal financial statements and tax returns, and focuses on the often-close relationship between a small business’s finances and the owner’s personal finances.

To enhance and reinforce learning, access to OmegaExpress Microlearning is available with the U.S. GAAP version of this course.

After learners have successfully completed the eLearning course, they’re eligible to attend Commercial Loans to Small Business: Skills Application Lab, a two-day, facilitated training event where they apply their skills and knowledge to two case studies: a family-owned and -operated manufacturing company, and a small, privately owned medical practice.

Each day, learners work together in teams to evaluate a single opportunity. Their analyses, which include a global financial assessment, result in loan structures that address the lending risks that they have uncovered. On Day 2, their analyses culminate in a live loan presentation, during which each team must present and justify its recommended solution to a credit expert and peers. (A standard template is provided, but your organization’s own template can be incorporated at your request.)

The recommended prerequisite to Commercial Loans to Small Business is Financial Accounting for Lenders (or the ability to demonstrate an equivalent understanding of business financial statement construction and content).

After completing the eLearning and skills application lab, learners can further advance their skills in analyzing loans for small business by enrolling in our Case Study Library.

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Download the Commercial Loans to Small Business  eLearning and skills application lab brochures to learn more about this course.

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