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Course: Collaborative Business Conversations

Collaborative Business Conversations prepares your commercial lenders to conduct customer-focused conversations that provide them with the information they need to successfully identify and structure appropriate risk-based credit solutions.

Collaborative Business Conversations begins with a short (2- to 3-hour) eLearning course that introduces the High-Impact Relationship-Building Process, a simple, five-step framework that positions business conversations as ongoing opportunities to build lasting financial partnerships.

Emphasis is placed on asking knowledgeable questions that uncover borrowing needs and enable the lender to develop an in-depth understanding of management’s strategies and goals and the ways in which they drive financial performance. The course focuses on four specific areas of questioning—business risk, industry risk, financial performance, and financial relationships—and explores techniques for “funneling” questions in order to gain broad, and then detailed, information.

It also provides strategies to help learners develop successful solutions, position those solutions with the client, and obtain the client’s commitment to move forward.

Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, participants attend Collaborative Business Conversations: Skills Application Lab, a two-day, facilitated training event during which they apply what they’ve learned in a risk-free environment.

On Day 1, the focus is on creating value statements that differentiate your financial institution from its competitors, learning to position meetings in ways that ensure that the lender and client are aligned around the purpose and objectives, and asking questions to identify needs and opportunities around the operating cycle and financial performance.

On Day 2, the emphasis is on collaborating with the client  to create options, using target-benefit statements to position solutions in customer-focused ways, and obtaining the client’s commitment to move forward after resolving any objections that may be raised.

Each day culminates with a video-recorded skill practice that gives participants the opportunity to identify the areas in which they’re most successful, and those in which they have opportunities to improve. Following each skill practice, participants receive balanced feedback from the facilitator and their peers.

The prerequisite to Collaborative Business Conversations is Commercial Loans to Business (or the ability to demonstrate equivalent lending skills and knowledge).

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