Effective Credit Write-ups

Effective Credit Write-ups prepares your lenders and analysts to write high-quality, risk-focused credit analysis write-ups that adhere to your organization’s standards and expectations and expedite the loan approval process.

Prior to this one-day, customized workshop, an Omega Performance facilitator will review your organization’s credit write-up template, and meet with you to discuss your organization’s specific standards and preferences. You’ll also be asked to provide two credit write-up samples—one of an exemplary write-up and the other of a write-up in need of improvement—that will play an integral role in the training.

At the workshop, participants will first review your organization’s standards, as well as examples, in order to gain a sense of “what good looks like.” Then, they’ll explore each of the topics that should be addressed in a quality credit write-up, including (but not limited to, depending on the nature of your organization’s template):

  • A clear and accurate summary of the request
  • Concise, objective analyses of the business and its industry
  • An astute analysis of the business’s financial condition and current and projected cash flow, focused on why the numbers are what they are
  • A clear and compelling recommendation

As they explore each topic, participants will refer to the examples provided to discuss the strengths and weaknesses evident within them, then work together to identify ways to strengthen the write-up in need of improvement. Their collaboration culminates in an opportunity to do their own credit writing, share their recommendation, and receive immediate balanced feedback.

The prerequisite for this course is Financial Accounting for Lenders and Commercial Loans to Small Business, Commercial Loans to Business, or Commercial Real Estate Lending (or an equivalent understanding of credit analysis).

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