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Course: High-Impact Prospecting and Networking

High-Impact Prospecting and Networking teaches business lenders how to improve their customer acquisition strategy by building a network of centers of influence, skillfully prioritizing leads, and successfully converting telephone calls into appointments.

Unlike other courses in the sales training arena, this blended learning solution is built on financial services-specific examples and scenarios. It begins with a short (1- to 2-hour) eLearning course that introduces key prospecting concepts, including strategies and techniques for:

  • Creating effective value statements
  • Developing a deep bench of referral sources (or centers of influence)
  • Efficiently using time available for prospecting
  • Contacting and following-up with prospects

Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, participants are eligible to attend the one-day High-Impact Prospecting and Networking: Skills Application Lab. Because participants bring a list of their current prospects and centers of influence to this facilitated training event, they’re able to apply the training in real-world, concrete ways that will directly and immediately impact their performance on the job.

They begin by working together to build a list of competitive advantages that differentiate their financial institution from its competitors, then using that list to create value statements targeted toward specific prospects and centers of influence.

Next, participants carefully and systematically examine both their prospects and their centers of influence, and identify strategies for prioritizing and managing both. To aid them in their efforts, participants are taught how to use the Omega Performance Prospecting Tool, an Excel-based tool that provides a numerical ranking of leads based on certain criteria.

Finally, they focus on call planning and execution techniques, and complete an audio-recorded skill practice that prepares them to advance their relationship with a real-world customer when they’re back on the job.

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