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Course: Creating Customer Connections

Creating Customer Connections teaches your frontline staff how to create the exceptional customer experiences that will differentiate your organization from its competitors.

This blended learning solution begins with a short (one- to two-hour) eLearning course that introduces and explores the teller-specific CON2ECT Customer Experience Model—a practical, six-step model designed to be used during every customer conversation.

Participants also learn how to recognize customer need cues, and—once the customer’s initial request has been met—“TAG” those need cues in order to make customer-centered referrals.

Following the eLearning course, learners attend the Creating Customer Connections: Skills Application Lab, a one-day, facilitated training event that provides them with a crucial opportunity to gain experience and confidence using the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model and TAG Additional Needs Model.

Because participants arrive to the classroom familiar with these models, they’re able to devote the day to intensive practice. In the morning, they complete a variety of paired, small-group, and large-group activities designed to help them master—and grow more comfortable using—each step of the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model. The morning’s activities lead up to a peer-to-peer, audio-recorded skill practice that gives each learner the opportunity to practice an entire customer conversation and receive specific and immediate feedback.

In the afternoon, participants focus on the TAG Additional Needs Model, which integrates seamlessly into the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model. As they practice the “TAG” skills, they’re encouraged to see themselves as consultative bankers invested in the best outcomes for their customers. Just like in the morning, the afternoon’s activities culminate in an audio-recorded skill practice, this time incorporating both models.

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Download the Creating Customer Connections and Creating Member Connections brochures to learn more about this course.

Available Versions

Creating Member Connections, a credit union-focused version of this course, is also available.

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