Effective Credit Conversations

Effective Credit Conversations equips relationship managers with a systematic approach to learning about a customer’s business, developing—and then sharing—financial insights, and positioning approvals, counteroffers, and even declines in ways that strengthen relationships.

Effective Credit Conversations begins with a short (one-hour) eLearning course that introduces the Credit Conversation Strategy, Omega Performance’s unique approach to building high-value relationships. Unlike the models available in other training courses, the Credit Conversation Strategy is designed to help relationship managers balance the dual roles they must play: customer-oriented salesperson and risk-averse lending professional.

The strategy features four distinct phases that encourage relationship managers to continually build upon the knowledge they’ve gained in order to deepen the customer relationship:

  • Qualify the Business; Clarify needs
  • Develop Financial Insights
  • Share Financial Insights
  • Position the Approved Solution (or Communicate the Decline)

Participants also learn fundamental skills around opening and closing conversations, developing effective questions, and handling objections.

After they have successfully completed the eLearning course, participants attend the two-day Effective Credit Conversations: Skills Application Lab. During this facilitated training event, they have an opportunity to prepare for and conduct each of the conversations included in the Credit Conversation Strategy.

On Day 1, participants are introduced to the case study business, a privately owned distributor of premium bottled teas and waters. In a unique exercise designed to illustrate the value of asking high-quality, strategic questions, participants qualify the business and begin to clarify its needs. They then use the information they’ve uncovered as they assess the business’s financial condition and prepare to share their financial insights with the customer.

On Day 2, participants share their financial insights with the customer during an audio-recorded skill practice, after which they identify their successes and challenges. Finally, participants share a solution in a way that shows precisely how it meets the needs the customer has expressed. (A separate skill practice involving communicating declines is also included.)

The recommended prerequisite to Effective Credit Conversations is Business Lending Fundamentals or Commercial Loans to Small Business (or the ability to demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge of small business loan analysis).

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