Banker Customer Relationship Training

Course: Advancing Customer Connections

Advancing Customer Connections builds on the skills covered in Building Customer Connections to teach your branch bankers and managers how to prepare for and execute follow-up meetings that expand their customer relationships.

Advancing Customer Connections begins with a short (1- to 2-hour) eLearning course that first emphasizes the value participants can bring to their customers by proactively scheduling time to discuss additional needs and explore their overall financial picture.

Participants then explore strategies for conducting a pre-meeting “confirmation call” to confirm the agenda and address any resistance the customer may have to an additional in-person meeting. Finally, they learn approaches for successfully preparing for and conducting the follow-up meeting.

Upon completion of the eLearning course, participants are eligible to enroll in Advancing Customer Connections: Skills Application Lab. Depending on participants’ skill level, you may choose to schedule this one-day session immediately following Building Customer Connections: Skills Application Lab, or to allow participants some time to grow comfortable and confident using the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model first.

During the session, participants spend the morning focused on practicing skills in pairs and small groups, and the afternoon demonstrating both a confirmation call and a follow-up meeting during a video-recorded skill practice.

The prerequisite for this course is Building Customer Connections.

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Download the Advancing Customer Connections and Advancing Member Connections brochures to learn more about this course.

Available Versions

Advancing Member Connections, a credit union-focused version of this course, is also available.

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