Loan Documentation Training

Loan Documentation prepares your lenders to thoroughly and accurately evidence business and consumer loan transactions by teaching them to identify the authorized signer (in the case of business loans), collect the appropriate documentation, and properly execute subordination and security agreements.

Loan Documentation training comprises a two-module eLearning course that incorporates real-world examples to demonstrate the varying level of complexity involved in evidencing different types of loan transactions.

In the first module, emphasis is placed on:

  • Identifying who is authorized to sign on behalf of various types of businesses, including general and limited partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, estates, and trusts
  • Understanding the purpose and components of core and supporting documents that may be required for a particular loan, including promissory notes, borrowing resolutions, credit reports, proposal and commitment letters, and loan agreements
  • Determining the documents necessary to attach, perfect, protect and gain access to collateral in secured transactions
  • Identifying the various types of guarantees and subordination agreements
  • Determining the appropriate disclosures to provide to borrowers

A lesson on the documentation required for specialized loans, such as loans secured by stocks, aircraft, boats, and other equipment, is also included.

The second module focuses on the particular requirements associated with home equity loans and lines of credit and commercial real estate loans. Participants learn about the type of information contained in—among other documents—an appraisal, a survey, a title opinion, and a title insurance policy.

As part of their exploration of commercial real estate loans, participants will also learn about documents specifically related to construction loans, including payment and performance bonds, tri-party agreements, draw requests, final lien waivers, and other pertinent documents.

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