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Course: Customer Experience Coaching

Customer Experience Coaching prepares your retail organization’s managers to successfully coach direct reports that are actively implementing Omega Performance’s CON2ECT Customer Experience Model.

Customer Experience Coaching begins with a short (1- to 2-hour) eLearning course, called Coaching Conversations, that introduces the Performance Pyramid—a simple framework for thinking about the skills, knowledge, and activities needed to achieve results—and The Coaching Model—a practical model that guides coaches through the steps to take before, during, and after a coaching session.

The eLearning course also explores specific high-impact coaching skills, including strategies for creating dialogue, providing balanced feedback, and working with employees to solve problems or obstacles to success. Finally, participants are introduced to ACTion Planning and the important role it plays in ensuring that the successes and opportunities discussed during coaching sessions are further acted upon.

Following completion of the eLearning course, participants attend Customer Experience Coaching: Skills Application Lab, a one-day, facilitator-led training event during which they learn how to translate the foundational knowledge they’ve gained into successful coaching sessions, so that their employees are able to build world-class customer experiences.

They begin the day by discussing the value of both “quick coaching” and “observation coaching” (and when each is appropriate). They then explore practical strategies for observing direct reports “in action” with customers, and identifying the most important “coachable moments”—based on the banker’s use of the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model—that they will want to address during coaching sessions.

The day culminates in a video-recorded skill practice, after which each participant receives detailed balanced feedback from peers and an Omega Performance coaching expert.

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, it is highly recommended that participants also complete Building Customer Connections, so that they have firsthand experience with the skills to which they will be coaching.

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Member Experience Coaching, a credit union-focused version of this course, is also available.


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