Minimizing and Managing Problem Loans

Minimizing and Managing Problem Loans teaches your organization’s lenders, underwriters, and analysts how to detect and evaluate early warning signs that a loan has potential weaknesses and may become problematic, so that they’re able to take the appropriate actions to mitigate the contributing factors and protect your financial institution.

Minimizing and Managing Problem Loans comprises a two-module eLearning course that uses real-world examples to explore loan monitoring and management issues.

In the first module, participants examine the internal and external causes of problem loans, the steps they can take to prevent them from arising in the first place, and credit risk analysis “red flags” that may signal that there is an issue on the horizon.

Participants are also introduced to our Minimizing and Managing Problem Loans Process, which outlines a step-by-step approach for preventing, managing, and monitoring problem loans within the framework of your organization’s own policies and procedures.

In the second module, participants delve more deeply into monitoring loans, evaluating both financial and nonfinancial red flags, and understanding potential strategies for handling problem loans, including those aimed at maintaining the relationship with the borrower and those intended to end the relationship with the borrower.

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