Financial Accounting For Lenders Course

Financial Accounting for Lenders—ideal for anyone at your financial institution who must be able to understand and assess accrual-based financial statements—explores fundamental accounting and cash flow concepts from a lender’s perspective.

The seven-module eLearning course begins with an exploration of the objectives and characteristics of quality financial reporting, and an examination of the revenue and expense recognition methods that form the basis of accrual accounting.

Next, learners study each of the parts of a complete set of financial statements, with an emphasis on the balance sheet and income statement accounts likely to have the greatest impact on the analysis of a loan request.

Finally, they examine the ways in which a business’s asset conversion cycle is represented in its financial statements, and learn how to use the information in the statement of cash flows—and cash-tracing techniques—to identify cash sources and uses as a basis for cash flow analysis.

An additional eighth module, Complex Accounting for Corporations, is available for lenders who evaluate more-complex financial statements.

To enhance and reinforce learning, access to OmegaExpress Microlearning is available with the U.S. GAAP version of this course.

Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, learners are eligible to attend Financial Accounting for Lenders: Skills Application Lab, a two-day, facilitated training event during which they identify and assess accounting risk in the financial statements of four case study businesses.

After identifying accounting issues that require adjustments, participants quantify their impact on the business’s financial statements, then discuss how their adjustments impact their overall assessment of the business’s financial condition.

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Download the Financial Accounting for Lenders eLearning and skills application lab brochures to learn more about this course.

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Standard IFRS
Australian Accounting Standards
Indian Accounting Standards

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