Business Lending Fundamentals

Business Lending Fundamentals teaches your organization’s business lenders how to uncover borrowing needs and identify potential credit solutions for businesses that generate up to $5 million in revenue.

Business Lending Fundamentals begins with a five-module eLearning course that emphasizes the asset conversion cycle as a framework for discovering and discussing borrowing needs.

As they progress through the eLearning, participants are also introduced to the basic tenants of business management, so that they’re able to ask astute questions that not only uncover the information they’ll need to identify a quality solution, but also encourage their customers to see them as consultative financial partners.

In addition, they learn how to identify the key components of basic financial statements, calculate basic ratios, and recognize—at a high level—a business’s major sources and uses of cash.

Finally, they learn how to synthesize their findings to tell a complete story to underwriters, and communicate the financial institution’s decision to the client.

Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, learners are eligible to attend Business Lending Fundamentals: Skills Application Lab. During this two-day, facilitated event, participants apply what they’ve learned to two case study loan opportunities: one with a manufacturer and one with a service business.

Much like in the real-world, each case study business has two operating cycles. Upon examination, participants will discover that each cycle results in distinct borrowing needs that their credit solution must address.

Participants also discuss the calculation of global debt service coverage, using information found in business tax returns and personal and business financial statements. (A standard template is provided, but your organization’s own template can be incorporated at your request.)

Their analysis of each opportunity culminates in the completion of a loan request form. Finally, they hear from a mock loan approver, who has structured a solution that learners practice communicating to the borrower.

To enhance and reinforce learning, access to OmegaExpress Microlearning is available with the U.S. GAAP version of this course.

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