Banking Customer Experience Course

Course: Building Customer Connections

Building Customer Connections equips your branch bankers and managers to have the kind of conversations with customers that build loyal relationships and earn additional business for your financial institution.

This blended learning solution begins with a short (2- to 3-hour) eLearning course that introduces participants to the six-step CON2ECT Customer Experience Model.

As they learn about each step, participants are provided with a demonstration of “what good looks like.” As they reach the model’s final steps, they also explore the Handling Objections Model and TAG Additional Needs Model, both of which fit seamlessly into the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model and help participants take conversations to the next level in ways that demonstrate genuine concern for the customer’s financial success.

After they’ve completed the eLearning course, participants are eligible to attend the two-day Building Customer Connections: Skills Application Lab. During this facilitated training event, participants—having familiarized themselves with the models ahead of time—are able to devote nearly 100% of their time to practice.

On Day 1, participants focus on the first three steps of the model, which lay the groundwork for meeting the customer’s initial request and identifying and summarizing additional needs that your financial institution may be able to meet. At the end of the day, participants demonstrate these three steps during a video-recorded skill practice, after which they receive balanced feedback.

On Day 2, participants focus on the model’s remaining steps, with an emphasis on:

  • Explaining solutions in a way that links the customer’s needs to the right products and identifies those products’ most relevant benefits
  • Handling objections in a way that acknowledges the customer’s reservations and demonstrates commitment to customer satisfaction
  • “Tagging” additional needs identified earlier in the conversation so that they are addressed either during or after the customer’s visit

Like Day 1, Day 2 culminates in a video-recorded skill practice, this time of a complete interaction between the participant and a customer.

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Download the Building Customer Connections  and Building Member Connections brochures to learn more about this course.

Available Versions

Building Member Connections, a credit union-focused version of this course, is also available.

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