Collaborative Small Business Conversations

Collaborative Small Business Conversations teaches lenders how to leverage their knowledge of business-related concepts in order to conduct effective conversations with small business owners regarding cash management and borrowing needs.

Collaborative Small Business Conversations begins with a short (2- to 3-hour) eLearning course that introduces the High-Impact Sales Process, a practical framework for preparing and executing consistent conversations that demonstrate the lender’s interest in understanding the business and meeting its true borrowing and cash management needs.

After learning how to prepare an effective meeting plan, participants will explore how to:

  • Position a meeting with a business owner
  • Engage the business owner in a way that encourages him or her to begin revealing needs
  • Qualify those needs by exploring the business’s asset conversion cycle, financial performance, and current banking relationships
  • Present targeted solutions that demonstrate an understanding of the products and services that best meet identified needs
  • Gain the business owner’s commitment to advance the transaction

Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, participants attend the two-day Collaborative Small Business Conversations: Skills Application Lab. During this facilitated training event, they have an opportunity to practice applying what they’ve learned—and receive expert feedback—in a risk-free environment.

On Day 1, the emphasis is on engaging the business owner and qualifying the business’s needs by asking effective, customer-focused questions. On Day 2, the focus is on presenting solutions and moving the transaction forward by gathering the appropriate documentation and resolving any objections the business owner may have.

Each day culminates with a video-recorded skill practice that gives participants the opportunity to identify the areas in which they’re most successful, and those in which they have opportunities to improve.

The recommended prerequisite to Collaborative Small Business Conversations is Building Small Business Acumen (or the ability to demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge of business-related concepts and terminology).

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