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New! Microlearning from Omega Performance

OmegaExpressTM Microlearning, Omega Performance’s newest training solution, delivers bite-size credit training straight to learners’ mobile devices and desktops. By introducing new content and reinforcing key tenets from our core business and commercial lending courses, OmegaExpress supports learners’ knowledge acquisition, retention, and application.

Designed to supplement our comprehensive eLearning courses, OmegaExpress is a searchable collection of 2- to 5-minute microlessons that can be completed anywhere, anytime, even when learners are offline. For administrators, analytic tools are available to track learners’ usage and progress.

OmegaExpress microlessons are divided into the following learning libraries:

  • In My Experience features stories from seasoned lenders, who reflect on their takeaways from deals that went exceptionally well—or unexpectedly awry.
  • Acumen Builders expand on topics touched on in our business and commercial lending courses, helping to take learners’ skills and knowledge to the next level.
  • Ask the Expert features answers to the questions most frequently submitted through Omega Performance’s Email-a-Mentor feature, reinforcing and expanding upon learners’ understanding of sometimes-difficult topics.
  • Dynamic Dictionary is a repository of lending-related terms that goes beyond your basic glossary, explaining each term using interactive illustrations, examples, and demonstrations of formulas, calculations, and other real-world applications.

OmegaExpress is available to Omega Performance learners who currently have access to the U.S. GAAP version of Business Lending Fundamentals, Commercial Loans to Small Business, Commercial Loans to Business, or Financial Accounting for Lenders.

For more information about OmegaExpress, request a demo or download the brochure.


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