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Credit Skills Training Courses

Credit Skills Training

Whether you’re seeking training for consumer, small business, or commercial lenders, Omega Performance’s credit skills courses will prepare your staff to evaluate critical financial information; identify, assess, and manage risk; and thoughtfully determine appropriate credit solutions.

Personal Banking Credit Skills

Our foundational consumer credit skills course teaches learners how to review and analyze an individual’s personal financial statements, tax returns, and credit history in order to evaluate requests for personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, and home equity loans and lines of credits.

For those who lend to high-net worth borrowers, more in-depth training around the evaluation of personal assets and liabilities, and the use of personal tax returns to identify and assess an individual’s cash inflows and outflows, is available.

Small Business Credit Skills

The courses in our small business credit skills curriculum teach your business bankers and small business lenders, analysts, and underwriters how to analyze opportunities and make informed, risk-conscious credit decisions that reflect careful evaluation of the financial condition of the business and its owner(s).

Commercial Credit Skills

The courses in our commercial credit skills curriculum teach your commercial lenders, analysts, underwriters, and loan reviewers to evaluate commercial loan opportunities by evaluating a business’s strategies, assessing its current and projected financial condition, conducting sensitivity analyses, and developing a loan structure that mitigates risks and meets the borrower’s needs.

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Credit Fundamentals: Defining a Credit Culture

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