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If You’re Not Learning, You’re Forgetting

If You’re Not Learning, You’re Forgetting

When you were in school, did you ever cram for an exam the night before? If so, did you forget much of the information shortly afterwards? Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve—or, more simply, “the Forgetting Curve”—shows how newly learned information is lost exponentially over time if it’s not used.

Basically, the Forgetting Curve posits, if you’re not actively learning—or making an effort to retain what you’ve learned, then you’re forgetting—especially when you first learn material.

Two key factors determine whether you will retain new information:

1. Memory strength. If a lesson is meaningful and relevant, it’s easier to remember.
2. Time. Learners forget about 90 percent of newly learned information within a month.

You can fight the Forgetting Curve by:

• Regularly reinforcing training

o Information built on what you already know is easier to remember.

o Every time you reinforce training, the rate of decline reduces.

• Providing clear information

o Information should be in small digestible chunks.

o Training should use a variety of learning strategies to appeal to different learning styles.

• Making learning hands-on

o People learn better when they actively engage with content.

If you work in the banking and lending industry, then you already know the value of a highly trained staff. Omega Performance’s Case Study Library offers a great way to avoid the Forgetting Curve and ensure that you and your employees are continually reinforcing key concepts.

Case Studies reinforce training by asking learners to apply skills and knowledge they’ve acquired in our eLearning courses, skills application labs, or on the job. They also work well as a capstone to our Commercial Loans to Business and Commercial Loans to Small Business courses.

Throughout Case Studies, information is presented in a clear and concise way, incorporating audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles so that every learner benefits.

How It Works

The online experience simulates the learner’s on-the-job experience through a virtual desktop, similar to what they would see in a “real-life” situation.

1. Learners individually evaluate a simulated loan opportunity, then submit their analyses to an expert.

2. The expert reviews the learners’ analyses.

3. Learners meet with the expert for a virtual credit solutions roundtable to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their analyses and identify the best solution.

Learn more about Case Studies.


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Decreasing the Forgetting Curve

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