Your Road to Success Starts with Understand. Apply. Differentiate.

Your Road to Success Starts with Understand. Apply. Differentiate.

A recent survey by Forrester Research revealed executives are four times more likely to positively respond to a business conversation than a product conversation. And yet those same executives estimate that less than 25 percent of their workforce is proficient in having that business conversation with customers.

We focus on three areas to help make the rest of your workforce more like your high performers so they can also master those conversations: understand, apply and differentiate.

More often than not, a financial institution’s highest performers are the ones capable of having those business conversations. Omega Performance has found high performers have three qualities in common:

  1. They possess a fundamental understanding of credit and relationship building skills.
  2. They are able to apply that mastery to uncover and meet the needs of both the bank and their customers.
  3. They are able to differentiate your bank’s messaging and solutions to consistently win more business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

We found that three key areas – understand, apply and differentiate – guides the performance of our most successful customers. We believe in strengthening these areas, and we use them to dictate our framework and map it to your success.

It all starts with our blended learning approach that mixes different training components to impact each one of the areas we just discussed.

Do you want to learn more about how understand, apply and differentiate can strengthen your workforce? Learn more about Omega Performance and contact us today!


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