Year-End Wrap Up

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Year-End Wrap Up

2017 has been quite a successful year for Omega Performance, and we look forward to continuing to help your financial services organization thrive as you implement our industry-leading training solutions.

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Here are some of our highlights from 2017:

  • In February, we released our “Small Business, Big Payoffs” white paper to help you maximize return on your investment in small business lending.
  • In April, we launched our Case Study Library to help your lenders gain risk-free experience, and hosted a webinar that explained how you can use this innovative solution to improve training retention.
  • In June, we released our latest Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report, which includes global benchmarking data from our top seven eLearning courses.
  • In August, we began updating all of our eLearning courses to a mobile-friendly platform with enhanced navigation and interactivity features. We also released a new “About Omega” flyer sot hat you can more easily share information about Omega Performance with your colleagues.
  • In September, we released a testimonial from River Valley Community Bank, which used Omega Performance’s training solutions to build a team of successful lenders when experienced recruits proved hard to find.
  • In October, we updated our Consumer Lending eLearning course to include adaptive learning so that learners can test out of lessons when they’ve already mastered the content, which saves training time and allows them to focus their attention on what they need to learn.
  • In November, we launched our new website, which features a new resource center and searchable course listings. We also released a new white paper, “How to Implement a Modern Blended Learning Program at Your Financial Services Organization“, which details best practices for implementing a successful blended learning training program.

We look forward to working with you in 2018 and continuing to provide you with top-notch, world class, training solutions that help your organization achieve results.

White Papers

Small Businesses, Big Payoffs

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White Papers

How to Implement a Modern Blended Learning Program at Your Financial Services Organization

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