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Bank Training Application Labs

Beyond workshops: An innovation in group learning.
As credit experts and instructional designers, we are dedicated to maintaining a contemporary curriculum that takes advantage of modern advancements in learning methodology and technology. This is why Omega Performance continues to invest in the development of new courses and innovative learning formats that afford our clients with an unrivaled, high-impact blended credit training experience. A recent hallmark of our innovative focus has resulted in the development of Skills Application Labs (SALs) that advance and apply skills learned from online coursework. These SALs are energetic and engaging, replacing the one-way, lecture-based training that characterizes traditional workshops.
Relevant Practice: Real World Case Studies
Skills Application Labs are dynamic, facilitator-led training events where students learn from each other’s backgrounds, knowledge and experiences and become partners in learning. Built around real-world case studies that describe challenging business scenarios, attendees must make a number of critical business decisions – at times without 100% of the information available.
Facilitator-Led, Group-Driven.
The instructor’s role is not to provide answers for memorization, but rather guide the teams to understanding the right questions to ask so that proper analysis and decision-making can occur. Instant Polling technology enables each attendee to participate in live, real-time feedback using handheld devices. This format provides for an engaging, diverse, collaborative experience that immerses learners in real-world loan cases, resulting in enhanced comprehension.
Focus on skill application, not re-learning.
Prerequisites for attending a SAL include passing the companion E-Learning course with a score of at least 80% - allowing the group to focus on applying learned skills, rather than receiving traditional skill instruction. This ensures that all participants are ready to proactively work on loan cases, tackle and solve unique challenges in a team environment, and complete the experience by delivering capstone loan presentations.

Omega Performance’s Skills Application Labs can be delivered at your facility by an Omega Performance-certified facilitator, or by your own facilitator through our train-the-trainer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Skills Application Labs
Omega Performance’s Skills Application Labs are dynamic, instructor-facilitated training events built around comprehensive credit case studies that immerse participants in various aspects of the lending process.

Participants work in groups and individually to analyze a borrower’s business and industry (in the case of commercial loans); evaluate a borrower’s business or personal financial statements; determine whether the borrower’s cash flow will support prompt and timely repayment of the loan; and structure solutions that help the lender win strong financial relationships while also mitigating repayment risk.

How are SALs different from traditional workshops?
SALs are designed to be learner-directed. Rather than present information for participants’ consumption, SAL facilitators serve as coaches, guiding learning and prompting lively discussions as participants demonstrate and apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the corresponding E-Learning course. The case studies describe complex lending situations that require participants to make informed decisions. By working in highly interactive small groups to evaluate each case, participants learn from one another as they put theory into practice.

Set in immersive learning environments, SALs include hands-on polling to facilitate high levels of engagement and achievement by empowering participants to make strategic decisions in real time. Facilitators leverage instantaneous polling results to launch discussions, foster peer-to-peer perspective-taking, and highlight lessons learned to ensure participants’ comprehension. Dynamic animations throughout the SAL bring case studies to life in a visual format. Each SAL culminates in a capstone activity.

What are the benefits of SALs?
Due to the fast-paced nature of SALs, participants’ time in the classroom and away from their jobs is reduced. Because participants are required to pass the self-paced companion E-Learning course, theory is removed from the classroom and is replaced with a lively group exchange of ideas and perspectives that adds value to the learning and fosters intelligent decision-making. By working on lending solutions based on cases, SAL participants re-create the real-world scenarios they will face in the workplace.

What are the prerequisites for SALs?
The prerequisite for attending a SAL is the successful completion of the companion E-Learning course, marked by a passing score of at least 80% on the post-test.

How do SALs fit into Omega’s blended learning framework?
The progression from a self-paced E-Learning course to a group-based SAL is the cornerstone of Omega’s learner-centric, results-oriented blended learning approach. With an Omega Performance enterprise license, which provides unlimited access to our complete library of E-Learning courses, anyone within an organization can gain foundational knowledge in a variety of content areas. SALs then target the subset of learners who need to deepen their understanding of a particular content area as a core competency for their jobs.

What are the class sizes for SALs?
SALs can be delivered to audiences of 8 to 20 participants. This range encourages a dynamic, collaborative learning experience while also ensuring that each participant has the ability to learn and contribute in a meaningful way.

How does Omega support learning sustainment?
Manager-driven coaching and learning sustainment tools are a recognized component of effective learning programs. In order to give our clients optimal gains on their training investments, Omega has designed an innovative blended coaching program that enhances knowledge transfer and enables credit skills sustainment. The program includes tools, guides and scripts designed to empower managers and coaches with mentoring best practices and a sustainment road map. Customizable tools and templates save time while strengthening organizational results and returns on Omega’s training.

How are SALs delivered?
SALs are delivered at your facility by an Omega expert facilitator. For larger groups, organizations can also certify their own facilitators to deliver Omega licensed content.