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Online Banking Simulation Training

What is SimuStar?

SimuStar_LogoThrough immersive simulations, the SimuStar program bridges the gap between theory and real world application, ensuring higher quality loans and increasing profitability while improving your organization's image as a sound institution with experience lenders. With over 12 simulation scenarios, spanning 4 distinct loan cases, SimuStar provides lenders with a self-paced, controlled, online environment to enhance judgement skills and upgrade decisions in the real world.

Our real world simulations take place in humanized virtual environments where lenders interact with a cast of virtual customers, colleagues, managers, and mentors who mirror the interactions of a typical banking environment. These advanced simulations include comprehensive and efficient coverage of the loan process, incorporating critical components of the tried and proven Omega Decision Strategy™ - ensuring complete, high-quality credit submissions in the real world.

Upon completing the simulation, lenders of all levels receive SimuStar's signature, customized feedback that pinpoints specific areas for improvement, providing both the lender and manager a baseline for focusing on future training.

Check out our four latest cases:
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King's Confections, Manufacturing Case

G&D Furniture, Wholesale Case

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Stability Engineering, Service/Manufacturing Case

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Sun Food Distributors, Commercial Real Estate Case

How SimuStar works.

SimuStar is available in real-time, on the cloud, so that your lenders can access the program when you need it, where you need it. Our global client base has deployed SimuStar successfully utilizing a variety of implementation methods, including independent lender participation, workshop-based group participation, and enterprise-level competitions. SimuStar's flexible deployment options allow your organization to enhance training while meeting other critical business objectives such as staff benchmarking enabled by SimuStar's reliable, standardized metrics for measuring lender preparedness.

SimuStar can be implemented at any phase of the training process, to lenders of all levels. Junior and senior lenders alike are given the opportunity to work through a standardized loan process across a variety of industries and unique business situations.

Next Steps.

SimuStar has been implemented at the enterprise level as well as the individual level throughout the world's top banking institutions and individual professionals seeking to enhance their lending capabilities, hone judgement skills, and upgrade real world decisions. We would like to tell you about these success stories and help you figure out the best way to leverage our advanced simulations.

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