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Credit Skills Training

The Credit Skills curriculum develops fundamental credit skills for professionals across retail, small business, and commercial lending areas so that they have the skills they need to assess and manage credit risk; identify and understand critical financial information; and, understand key business drivers for credit.
Retail and Consumer Credit Skills Courses The retail and wealth management lending curriculum develops the core credit skills needed to identify consumer loan opportunities, evaluate credit risk, and make sound credit decisions. These courses are ideal for those who address the personal credit needs of consumers, affluent customers, and business owners, such as consumer lenders, credit underwriters, and wealth managers. These courses are designed to provide a logical, efficient process for evaluating personal credit requests so that lenders can make sound credit decisions based on a full understanding of the personal financial statement, tax returns, and financial strategy.
Small Business Credit Skills Courses The small business credit curriculum builds small business acumen and credit analysis skills while enhancing communication and relationship-building skills. These training solutions are designed for professionals who develop, support, analyzie, make decisions about, and manage small business loan opportunities. Our small business credit training solutions make sure lending organizations can identify bankable loan opportunities, analyze critical information, identify and mitigate risks, develop sound recommendations, make informed credit decisions, and structure loans.
Commercial Credit Skills Courses Our state-of-the-art commercial credit curriculum is used by thousands of lending organizations worldwide. These courses develop high-performing commercial lenders, credit analysts, underwriters, and loan reviewers. It teaches them to identify and evaluate commercial lending opportunities, analyze and mitigate risks, and structure and manage commercial loans. These courses help lending organizations to integrate a strong credit culture into all levels of their organization from a foundation of strong financial accounting to raising risk management awareness.

Learn About E-Learning by Omega Performance

Learn About E-Learning by Omega Performance
E-learning that elevates your people. Omega Performance e-learning courses, accessible online at any time, are developed to be highly interactive – maintaining high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of the material. Concepts are presented in conjunction with related definitions, explanations, formulas, and mini-cases to ensure that individuals of all learning styles find the subject matter accessible and user-friendly.

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Learn About Skills Application Labs

Learn About Skills Application Labs
Beyond workshops: An innovation in group learning. As credit experts and instructional designers, we are dedicated to maintaining a contemporary curriculum that takes advantage of modern advancements in learning methodology and technology. This is why Omega Performance continues to invest in the development of new courses and innovative learning formats that afford our clients with an unrivaled, high-impact blended credit training experience. A recent hallmark of our innovative focus has resulted in the development of Skills Application Labs (SALs) that advance and apply skills learned from online coursework. These SALs are energetic and engaging, replacing the one-way, lecture-based training that characterizes traditional workshops.

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