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Financial Coaching Skills

Internal training reinforcement and sustainment is a critical component to maximize return on training investment. The Omega Performance Coaching program empowers your internal coaches and managers to increase valuable knowledge transfer, reinforce and sustain skills, and strengthen organizational culture. Omega Performance’s coaching courses are targeted to specific roles and delivered through our blended learning framework, which couples a selfpaced e-learning course with an immersive Skills Application Lab (SAL).

Coaching Skills Courses» Scorecard Coaching

This course gives your organization’s managers the skills needed to enhance the productivity and peak performance of their teams through effective coaching techniques that assess how employees are meeting their goals.

» Coaching for Quality Business

This course tracks a business banking sales call from pre-call planning and coaching to post-call action planning, empowering sales managers with the tools they need to develop high-performing relationship managers and drive business through the sales pipeline.

» Customer Experience Coaching

This course empowers participants to effectively coach front-line employees to deliver outstanding customer experiences, a key driver to building loyalty and driving sales.

» Coach the Coach

This course equips managers with the tools they need to monitor and impact the coaching techniques of their direct reports and ensure that coaches are focusing on the right issues.

» Credit Coaching and Mentoring

For organizations whose staff are going through online credit skills training, the Credit Coaching and Mentoring program provides your internal managers and coaches with the tools they need to be successful at improving skill reinforcement, retention, and sustainment. The program includes:

  • A two-hour e-learning course that teaches best practices in coaching – the skills learned in this course helps
    coaches to provide effective coaching and mentoring during and after their learners progress through online
    credit skills training. This e-learning course also includes downloadable planning sheets and conversation guides.
  • A supplemental coaching toolkit that helps coaches develop coaching roadmaps that are targeted to specific skills mapping to six courses in Omega Performance’s credit skills curriculum.

Credit Coaching and Mentoring supports the following e-learning courses:
Business Lending Fundamentals, Commercial Loans to Business, Commercial Loans to Small Business, Commercial Real Estate Lending, Financial Accounting for Lenders, and Understanding Personal Cash Flow


Learn About E-Learning by Omega Performance

Learn About E-Learning by Omega Performance
E-learning that elevates your people. Omega Performance e-learning courses, accessible online at any time, are developed to be highly interactive – maintaining high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of the material. Concepts are presented in conjunction with related definitions, explanations, formulas, and mini-cases to ensure that individuals of all learning styles find the subject matter accessible and user-friendly.

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Learn About Skills Application Labs

Learn About Skills Application Labs
Beyond workshops: An innovation in group learning. As credit experts and instructional designers, we are dedicated to maintaining a contemporary curriculum that takes advantage of modern advancements in learning methodology and technology. This is why Omega Performance continues to invest in the development of new courses and innovative learning formats that afford our clients with an unrivaled, high-impact blended credit training experience. A recent hallmark of our innovative focus has resulted in the development of Skills Application Labs (SALs) that advance and apply skills learned from online coursework. These SALs are energetic and engaging, replacing the one-way, lecture-based training that characterizes traditional workshops.

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