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Train Your Banking Staff Using Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a form of mastery-based instruction where learners get to focus on the skills they need to master, as opposed to taking an entire course that includes information they’ve acquired. This approach can lead to increased proficiency and higher levels of learner engagement.

Unlike a conventional learning environment in which every learner must interact with every piece of content, adaptive learning creates a personalized learning experience by delivering information based on what a learner does and does not know. Content is linked to each learner’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Why adaptive learning and how can it help my lenders?

Adaptive learning technology can provide your learners with an individualized training experience. Some of the benefits of adaptive learning include:

  • Learners receive the right content at the right time to maximize learning efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and retention
  • Organizations receive real-time analytics and are able to engage in coaching when their learners are struggling
  • Content that can continually be refined by content authors who review testing results

Adaptive learning takes your employees’ prior knowledge into account and responds to their learning needs. Advanced learners can move forward more quickly, while those who are struggling have more time to work on skills. It also reduces cognitive load, or the amount of mental effort being used in the working memory, and diminishes the likelihood that your learners will forget their newly acquired information.

Omega Performance’s updated Consumer Lending course includes adaptive learning

Omega Performance recently updated its Consumer Lending course so that it uses adaptive learning. Participants have the opportunity to answer three questions at the beginning of each lesson, and based on their results, can opt in or opt out of that particular lesson. This saves training time, avoids cognitive overload, and ensures that your lenders are focused on what they need to know.

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