The Growing Non-performing Asset Problem in Indian Banks: An Intervention Plan

The Growing Non-performing Asset Problem in Indian Banks: An Intervention Plan

We had recently published a blog post about our white paper – Building a Strong Credit Culture in India which not only discussed the various problems banks were facing globally that affected credit growth, but also emphasized what types of solutions these banks could adopt to solve these problems. The white paper also highlighted that a healthy and rising economy like India needed a positive credit growth to ensure smooth inflow of capital. However, in recent times, non-performing assets in India have become an imminent issue which has crippled the Indian economy making this credit growth slump badly.

Here is an article written by Jasrin Singh, our Director of Business Development in South Asia, who talks about the several reasons Indian banks possess such a high rate of NPAs. This article was featured on IIFL (formerly known as India Infoline Limited), a leading financial services company in India.

“Despite the increasing demand for consumer and commercial credit that entices banks with huge potential for growth, there are also the impending challenges that come with lending in a developing economy where data provided may not always be reliable. Deregulation of the financial system and more banking licenses means increased competition and a greater need to outperform competitors.” Read more on The growing non-performing asset problem in Indian banks: An intervention plan

Jasrin Singh is responsible for developing strong relationships with financial institutions in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other surrounding regions, in need of risk management training utilizing Omega Performance’s proven, best-in-class credit training solutions.

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