Small Business Lending Training Courses

Build Knowledgeable, Skilled Lenders, Underwriters, and Analysts

The courses in our small business lending curriculum teach your employees how to successfully source and analyze business loan opportunities, have insightful conversations with business owners, and identify appropriate solutions.

Our small business lending curriculum includes both credit and credit conversation courses. Our credit courses help your lenders, underwriters, and analysts build the foundational, intermediate, or advanced skills and knowledge they need to evaluate opportunities and make informed, risk-conscious credit decisions. Our credit conversation courses help your customer-facing lenders identify quality opportunities, and position themselves as trusted financial partners when they discuss those opportunities with business owners.

The following learning solutions—comprised of self-paced eLearning, instructor-led skills application labs, and/or targeted coaching solutions—are included within our Small Business Banking curriculum:

Credit courses:

Small business lenders, underwriters, and analysts can also take advantage of the opportunity to further enhance their skills using our Case Study Library.

Credit conversation courses:

Coaching courses


Effective Credit Conversations Course


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