Skills Application Labs

Beyond Traditional Classroom Training: Innovative, Interactive Group Learning

Skills application labs (SALs) are the second component of our blended learning framework. Participants are eligible to attend these dynamic, instructor-facilitated sessions upon successful completion of the corresponding eLearning course.


During SALs, participants apply the skills and knowledge they gained in the corresponding eLearning course to up-to-date, relevant business scenarios and case studies.


These one- to two-day sessions feature:

  • Animations that bring the content to life, compelling learners to gather information by carefully listening to borrowers, just as they would in the real world
  • Instant-response polling to encourage discussion and give all participants “a voice,” including those reluctant to participate in group settings
  • Risk-free opportunities to make important decisions—at times with limited information—to simulate on-the-job situations
  • A mix of small- and large-group activities that encourage participants to learn from one another
  • Capstone activities, including mock loan presentations and recorded skill practices that challenge learners to demonstrate proficiency and prepare them to apply their skills to their daily activities
  • Facilitation by highly qualified instructors, who offer not only coaching and training expertise, but at least 15 years of banking experience, meaning they can place themselves “in participants’ shoes”

Prior to the event, our facilitator will work with you to incorporate your organization’s policies and procedures into the training, and customize the delivery in ways that make it even more meaningful and relevant to your learners. As a result, participants will exit training with experience they need not only to succeed in their roles, but to succeed in their roles at your organization.

For those organizations that prefer to use their internal trainers, we also offer a robust leader certification process for qualified candidates.

For more information about our skills application lab or our leader certification process, contact us. To learn more about the courses we offer, visit our Course Listing page.

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