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Benchmarking Reports

2017 Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

The Omega Performance credit training curriculum is rooted in globally-accepted  credit standards—the credit skills and knowledge needed across an organization to ensure accurate evaluation of credit risks and opportunities, and a firm footing
for the entire lending organization.

Using data gathered from Omega Performance learners’ pretest and post-test results, we have compiled industry training benchmarks that can help lending organizations quantitatively compare their staffs’ skill levels to organizations around the world. The Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report lays the foundation for lending organizations to assess and compare the quality of their credit professionals on an ongoing and systematic basis.

Report Contains

This report includes training statistics that cover seven core e-learning courses:

  • Business Lending Fundamentals
  • Commercial Loans to Business
  • Commercial Loans to Small Business
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Financial Accounting for Lenders
  • Understanding Personal Cash Flow
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