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Reducing Frustration in the Lending Cycle

Reducing Frustration in the Lending Cycle

It’s a scene that’s all too familiar.

Having met with a prospective customer several times, your relationship manager has prepared and tendered a loan submission. Your underwriters have begun their review, but quickly find that it’s lacking the information they need to complete their analysis. They reach out to the relationship manager, seeking clarification. The relationship manager reaches back out to the customer. A back-and-forth ensues, and the sales cycle begins to drag . . .  and drag . . . and drag.

The underwriter is frustrated.

The relationship manager is frustrated.

The customer is frustrated—and worse still, beginning to question the relationship manager’s abilities.

What if your relationship managers were better able to uncover the right information—at the right time in the sales cycle—simply by knowing how to leverage their credit knowledge to ask better questions?

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, Omega Performance will host “Turning Credit Knowledge into Meaningful Conversations,” a half-hour webinar where we’ll discuss the steps you can take to help your relationship managers have the kinds of conversations that result in higher-quality loan submissions and less of that “back and forth.”

During the webinar you’ll also learn how relationship managers can:

  • Ask better questions about the trends, strengths, and weaknesses in a business’s financial performance
  • Capitalize on their credit acumen to better uncover potential needs and propose targeted solutions
  • Blend their credit and conversation skills to position themselves as financial partners and build lasting relationships with customers

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