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Post-Training Survey Results Released

Post-Training Survey Results Released

Our annual Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report summarizes real data from real learners around the globe who have taken one or more of our seven most popular eLearning courses. This year’s report includes information from our post-training survey—and a  follow-up survey conducted six months later—to provide a more in-depth picture of the effectiveness of our credit skills training courses.


After participants complete an Omega Performance course, they have the opportunity to take a brief survey that asks them to rate the course, whether they think the course will help them with their job, whether they would recommend the course to a colleague, what they liked about the course, and what could be improved.

97 percent of those who completed the initial post-training survey, said that the course they took applied to their jobs, 94 percent said that they would recommend the course to a colleague, and 94 percent said that the course was worth their time.

“The material was helpful for real-world applications,” one participant wrote.

After analyzing these results, we wanted to gain deeper insights into how our courses help participants over the long term. We created a follow-up survey—which we emailed to participants who had completed the initial post-training survey—and asked them for specifics on how they had applied their learning on the job and what positive business outcomes had resulted from their training. We also asked them to rate the course again, and whether they would still recommend the course to a colleague.

In our follow-up survey, 98 percent of respondents said that the training helped them do their jobs, and 93 percent said that they would recommend the course to a colleague. Respondents also reported positive business outcomes, including improved confidence, promotions, an increase in loan approvals, better customer relationships, more effective customer conversations, and more efficient processes.

“It helped me with the business conversation when sitting down with clients,” one participant wrote.

Want to get more-specific insights on the knowledge gained in each of our seven most popular eLearning courses? View course-specific survey results, global benchmarking data, and participants’ key takeaways by downloading our 2018 Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report.

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