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Omega Performance Releases New Case Studies Based on Your Feedback

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May 11, 2017
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Omega Performance continuously strives to provide you with high-caliber content. As part of that, we often reach out to our clients to find out how we can best meet their training needs.

We recently surveyed our clients about the kinds of Case Studies they’d like us to develop. Case Studies are designed for lenders who have completed our Commercial Loans to Business or Commercial Loans to Small Business E-Learning courses and Skills Application Labs, or who simply need to gain experience evaluating loan opportunities in a risk-free environment.

Inspired by a learning methodology touted by Harvard Business School, Case Studies ask learners to evaluate information in a real-world way, then discuss their analyses with their peers and an expert.

When completing Case Studies, learners enter a virtual workspace—similar to what they encounter on the job—that contains tools and information about a specific client and loan opportunity. They analyze the opportunity and make a recommendation. Their conclusions are reviewed by an expert, who then meets with learners for a Credit Solutions Roundtable to discuss the assessments’ strengths and weaknesses.

We have added two new case studies. In our survey, some clients expressed interest in gaining experience with construction and infrastructure-related projects, which led to the development of Wing Engineering Inc. More information on both studies can be found below:

Wing Engineering. Inc. Wing Engineering, a prospective client, is a family-owned and operated C corporation that specializes in the design and construction of seismic-resistant structures. This case study is designed for learners who have completed Commercial Loans to Business, or who would like to gain experience evaluating corporate loan opportunities.

Key Issues:

  • • Management’s ability to manage domestic and international growth
  • • Management’s ability to capitalize on growth in the business’s new construction segment
  • • Rapid technological advances
  • • Challenges associated with complex bidding processes
  • • Uneven cash flow due to the nature of contract terms
  • • Owner’s preference not to personally guarantee any debt.


Coral Cove Dialysis Centers, Inc. Coral Cove is a regional company owned by two physicians seeking to increase the business’s line of credit during an upcoming renewal. This case study is designed for learners who have completed Commercial Loans to Small Business, or who would like to gain experience evaluating small business loan opportunities.

Key Issues:

  • • Industry risks, such as consolidation and rapid technological advances
  • • Owners’ aggressive expansion plans
  • • Owners’ continued involvement in their private practices
  • • High dividend payments
  • • Investments outside the core business
  • • Predicting future cash flow


We value and thank you for your feedback as we continue to develop our Case Studies to best suit your needs.

Learn more about Case Studies.

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