Omega Performance Credit Skills Workshop Attended by Top Indonesian Bankers

Omega Performance Credit Skills Workshop

Our most recent Credit Skills Assessment public workshop, an industry standard in the APAC region, provided participants with a blended learning experience the included a self-paced, print-based learning program which was followed by active participation in an in-person interactive skills application workshop.

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The CSA workshop is typically delivered onsite in English; however, Indonesia’s first ever public CSA workshop, which took place in Jakarta, was facilitated in the Bahasa language by our master trainer, Pak Bonar Panjaitan — one of Indonesia’s highly regarded banking experts.

Upon successful completion of the CSA program, which includes garnering a passing score on the accompanying post-test, participants were awarded with the CSA certification. The Credit Skills Assessment is a comprehensive, industry leading credit training program that combines two of our flagship courses: FAL (Financial Accounting for Lenders) and CLB (Commercial Loans to Business). Organisations around the world use these programs to provide professionals with a strong foundation in the commercial lending at the individual, group, and organisational levels. The chief emphasis of the program is on understanding financial statements and accounting methods from a lender’s perspective, identification of credit risks associated with a commercial loan, the development of strategies to manage identified risks, and recommendation of appropriate loan structuring.

Congratulations to all the pioneering Jakartans who attended this workshop from Bank Mandiri, BNI, Bank BTPN, and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, for their active participation, which empowers them to improve loan portfolio quality for their respective banks.

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