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Introducing Omega Performance’s New Microlearning!

Introducing OmegaExpress Microlearning

Omega Performance has a new feature available for learners who have access to our four core credit courses. OmegaExpress, our new microlearning platform, allows learners to access quality credit training anywhere, any time, and on any device, enhancing sustainment of knowledge and encouraging learning extension.

Deployed from the same Learning Management System as our eLearning courses, OmegaExpress features “bite-size,” 2- to 5-minute microlessons that supplement the content in Business Lending Fundamentals, Commercial Loans to Small Business, Commercial Loans to Business, and Financial Accounting for Lenders. Our microlessons are easy to navigate, with two ways to advance from page to page and a progress bar that lets learners how far along they are.
OmegaExpress includes four learning libraries:

• In My Experience: Listen as experienced lenders discuss the deals that kept them up at night, and the things they would do differently if they could turn back the clock.

• Acumen Builder: Build credit skills and knowledge with interactive microlessons that expand on the concepts covered in our industry-leading eLearning courses.

• Ask the Expert: Instantaneously tap into our experts by exploring the answers to learners’ most frequently asked questions.

• Dynamic Dictionary: Explore a searchable repository of lending-related terms, complete with interactive explanations, illustrations, and examples.

Watch this video for more information and to see OmegaExpress in action.

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