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Get to Know the OmegaExpress Learning Libraries

Get to Know the OmegaExpress Learning Libraries

OmegaExpress is an innovative credit training solution that delivers bite-size microlearning straight to business lenders’ mobile devices and desktops. Learn more about the four learning libraries that comprise this solution below, and more about OmegaExpress in general here.

In My Experience

No one becomes a business or commercial lender overnight. It takes years of hard work, including successes and failures. In our In My Experience library, seasoned lenders share stories about their own successes and failures, and the lessons they learned when the lending relationships they helped to build took unexpected turns.

Each of their stories is linked to concepts covered in our core credit courses, helping learners connect what they’ve learned to its real-world application. Topics range from the importance of succession planning to the dangers of inadequate due diligence, and each story concludes with a helpful summary of the lender’s lessons learned.

Ask the Expert

All learners enrolled in our credit eLearning courses have access to our Email-a-Mentor tool, which allows them to reach out to our subject matter experts and ask them questions as they complete training.

Our Ask the Expert library features in-depth answers to the questions our mentors receive most frequently, like “What’s the relationship between sales growth and accounts receivable?” and “What’s the relationship between sales growth and inventory?”

Each of these microlessons also describes how the knowledge can be applied on the job, and a short quizto help learners confirm their understanding.

Acumen Builders

Acumen Builders expand on the concepts covered in our Business Lending Fundamentals, Commercial Loans to Small Business, and Commercial Loans to Business courses to help learners further develop their skills and knowledge.

Each of these 2- to -5 minute microlessons begins with a description of the topic and objective. Series of microlessons are built around topics like collateral evaluation, working capital, and EBITDA. Each microlesson also explains how achieving the objective can help lenders on the job, and ends with a short quiz to confirm the learner’s understanding.

Dynamic Dictionary

The Dynamic Dictionary is a searchable repository of lending-related terms, from accrued expenses to working investment and dozens in between. Unlike a typical glossary, the Dynamic Dictionary defines terms using interactive explanations and illustrations, and (where applicable) formulas, calculations, and explanations of their relevance to help learners deepen their understanding.

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