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Five ways to win leadership’s buy-in for your training program

Five Ways to Win Leadership’s Buy-in for Your Training Program

You’ve decided high-level learning objectives, honed in on a vendor and training solution, and identified potential challenges that may arise. Now you are ready to seek buy-in from leadership at your financial services organization.

gaining buy-in

How can you present the best possible case so that you can implement your blended learning training program? Here are five tips for presenting your desired training to your leadership.

  1. Make sure that your learning objectives align with your organization’s business objectives.

Your training goals should help to achieve the strategic goals of your organization so that when you bring your plan to your leadership, you can create a shared vision.

  1. Make sure you have accurately identified your stakeholders.

Figure out who your stakeholders are and how the training will benefit them. You need to include all leaders who will need to sign off on the training solution, and be ready to explain how the program will affect and benefit them.

The most effective training implementations have buy-in at every level of the organization. It will also be useful to map out the expectations and benefits of training to the employees who will be taking it.

  1. Be ready with data on the effectiveness of your chosen vendor’s training solutions.

Your vendor should offer benchmarking reports and other information, such as case studies, on the effectiveness of the program. Omega Performance releases a benchmarking report every year showing the effectiveness of its training courses, and uses the data to improve the learner experience.

  1. Be ready to discuss the benefits of the training solution you’re proposing.

What makes the solution you’ve identified better than others? How will this solution help your organization achieve its goals? Omega Performance differentiates itself through its high-quality products created by seasoned banking experts, its knowledgeable business development specialists, and its excellent client services team.

  1. Foresee potential challenges and have a plan to overcome them.

Consider potential challenges to your implementation plan and be prepared to explain how you will overcome them. These challenges might include getting a budget, finding time for training, and of course, gaining buy-in from stakeholders.

Once you have taken all of these steps, you are ready to seek leadership’s buy-in. Make sure your leaders know the importance of their involvement in changing the culture of your organization, so that skills and knowledge acquired during training are integrated into your everyday business practices.

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