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Five Reasons to Check Out Omega Performance’s Updated eLearning

Five Reasons to Check Out Omega Performance’s Updated eLearning

As a leader in the financial services training industry, Omega Performance continuously strives to provide banking and lending organizations with high-quality, innovative solutions.

Recently, we finished relaunching all of our eLearning courses with a fresh new look and feel to enhance the learning experience and improve retention. Below are some of the specific updates we made:

  1. Optimized navigation: All menu items are just a click away and located in clearly marked tabs so your learners can readily access course resources, scripts, and glossaries.
  2. Searchable content: Learners can search for the content they want to review within a module, instead of bookmarking pages.
  3. Increased interactivity: Additional clickable elements have been incorporated to improve retention and increase participant engagement and completion.
  4. Improved graphics: Updated images and graphics illustrate key concepts and help learners visualize how they might apply the learning on the job.
  5. Technical updates: The content has been optimized for use with all browsers and on all screen sizes, allowing more learners to utilize our content in a variety of ways.


Check out our new appearance in the graphic below:

As you can see in the graphic above, our eLearning courses feature interactive elements to help your learners better retain the information they’re learning.

Though we have just completed the release of these changes to our eLearning, we’re constantly working to remain on the cutting-edge of technology and are planning even more enhancements in the coming months.

We’re currently working on making our courses mobile-ready, and incorporating new interactions, such dial interactions that allow learners to manipulate data and observe the impact of those manipulations. For example, a learner in our Commercial Real Estate Lending course may be able to “turn the dial” to increase a property’s capitalization rate, and watch as the property’s market value decreases, keeping the learner engaged with the content as he or she learns about the inverse relationship between these two factors.

Be on the lookout for further updates this fall.

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