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Meet Our Experts

Our subject matter experts and instructional designers work hand-in-hand with the financial services industry’s leading trainers—all of whom have years of experience as bankers and lenders—to design, develop, and deliver our courses. Meet some of our experts.

Andrea Binkley, Senior Learning Partner, Moody’s Analytics
With more than 30 years of financial services industry experience, Andrea works closely with organizations to ingrain their policies and sales and risk management practices in their training initiatives. She has developed, implemented, and facilitated small business, commercial, and commercial real estate credit training at small and large financial institutions, finance companies, and U.S. regulatory agencies.

Jan Abrams, Associate Director – Academic Specialist, Moody’s Analytics
Jan has more than 10 years of commercial lending and retail banking experience, and 30 years of experience with Omega Performance. During her tenure at Omega Performance, she has held a variety of management positions, all of which have required her to work with clients around the globe to design and implement programs that meet their specific needs and produce measurable results.

Laura Beaver, Facilitator
With more than 30 years of direct banking experience in relationship management, credit approval, and loan restructures, Laura has excelled as a highly seasoned commercial lending facilitator for the past 12 years. She delivers skills application labs for Omega Performance’s credit programs to help ensure that both client-facing and non-client-facing bankers and lenders get to, and remain at, the top of their game in credit opportunity assessment and underwriting.

Tom Halupnik, Facilitator
Tom brings more than 40 years of financial services industry experience to his work with Omega Performance. As a proven learning professional, Tom leverages his flexible facilitation skills to deliver innovative and effective results. Tom has also worked closely with commercial banking leaders to implement critical skill development opportunities and build more consistent and responsible customer-focused business practices.

Cindy Hedgepeth, Facilitator
Cindy has a successful track record of more than two decades of facilitation in credit, sales, and coaching, as well as extensive experience writing case studies and developing training for both the retail and commercial divisions of financial institutions. Her experience includes superior performance early in her career as a commercial lender, credit analyst, and executive responsible for commercial banking training.

Nancy Irey, Facilitator
Nancy brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry to Omega Performance. She specializes in commercial credit, commercial real estate credit, commercial sales, consumer credit, and retail sales. Nancy also works with Omega Performance’s clients to develop and deliver customized programs.

Andrew Kazan, Facilitator
With more than 20 years of experience as a commercial banking executive, Andrew specializes in applying credit skills and knowledge to financial institutions’ unique credit cultures, processes, and policies to improve organizational performance and accelerate the development of relationship managers and credit professionals.

Gina Laigo, Facilitator
Gina provides senior-level consulting, facilitation, customization, and sales support for Omega Performance’s personal banking, small business banking, and commercial lending sales curricula. With more than 13 years of retail banking experience, Gina has played an integral part in developing sales and service cultures at financial institutions of various sizes.

Nancy McGinnis, Facilitator
With more than 27 years of experience in the financial services industry, Nancy has worked closely with the retail and commercial divisions of banking organizations of all sizes. Her expertise has been instrumental in the development of Omega Performance’s retail and commercial sales programs, and she has played a key role in several client coaching initiatives. As a coach, Nancy has frequently guided and supported senior managers as they implement change management processes, observing and providing feedback on coaching sessions between executives and their direct reports.


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