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Self-Paced eLearning: Online Banking Courses

Self-Paced eLearning: Cost-Effective, Scalable Training

Our blended learning framework begins with our industry-leading eLearning courses, which provide your organization with cost-effective, scalable training that learners can complete anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.

Learners enrolled in our eLearning courses will gain the foundation of skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles, and upon successful completion of an eLearning course, have the opportunity to advance to the course’s companion skills application lab.

Our Course Content

Our state-of-the-art courses engage learners by including interactivity on nearly every screen. We’ve also incorporated several features designed to support your learners as they propel their skills and knowledge forward, including:

  • Multimedia animations that introduce new topics and simplify more-complex concepts
  • Our unique Email a Mentor tool, which provides learners with direct access to our credit subject matter experts
  • Intermittent Check Your Understanding questions that help learners ensure they’ve “got it”
  • Integrated case studies and real-world examples that help learners transfer their skills and knowledge to their roles
  • Downloadable Reference Guides that allow learners to quickly access the job aids and worksheets from the course once they’re back on the job
  • OmegaExpress Microlearning, bite-size lessons that support, sustain, and expand upon the knowledge gained from our core business and commercial lending courses

Our Assessment Methodology

Our eLearning courses range from one to eight modules, depending on the subject matter. Each module begins with a pretest, which helps learners identify skill gaps (or, in some cases, “test out” of a module), and concludes with a posttest. Because we test learners at the beginning and end of each module, your organization can easily measure learners’ improvement and ensure that they’ve mastered the content.

Our Reporting Options

By giving you visibility into your employees’ enrollments, course completion status, and test results, Omega Performance’s standard reporting platform helps your organization make better-informed business decisions and more accurately measure your training ROI.

For those seeking even more flexibility, Omega Performance offers an Analytics Reporting Platform, which provides expanded reporting options. With real-time analytics at their fingertips, your training managers can develop tailored training paths that minimize employees’ training time and maximize their training results.

For more information about our eLearning courses, visit our Licensing Model page or contact us. To learn more about the specific courses we offer, visit our Course Listing page.

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