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Does Your Bank Struggle to Find and Keep Quality Commercial Credit Analysts?

Does Your Bank Struggle to Find and Keep Quality Commercial Credit Analysts?

Commercial credit analysts are in high demand. Smaller banks and credit unions in particular struggle to find and keep good candidates.

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Compounding the issue are two factors:

  1. Rurally-based banks—especially those with less than $10 billion in assets—don’t offer recent graduates and millennials the draw of “big city lights” that they’re so often seeking.
  2. Many baby boomers are on the verge of retirement, and when they leave, they’ll take with them their wealth of knowledge about your organization’s clients, processes, and procedures.

These are challenges, to be sure. But the key to overcoming them lies in seeing them as opportunities as well.

First, consider that the credit analysts you’re looking for may already be part of your team—loyal, trusted employees who are already a part of your community’s fabric. While they may be in other roles now, Omega Performance can teach them what they need to know to grow and succeed as analysts. Find out how one community bank used our blended learning solutions to do just that.

Second, consider maximizing your near-retirement lenders’ knowledge and experience by asking them to help you prepare your next generation of lenders. Omega Performance offers robust mentoring tools that your organization’s coaches and experienced lenders can use to help you train new hires and existing employees to someday fill their shoes.

Contact us today and we will help you build a program to develop your commercial credit analysts.

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