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Retail Sales Training Program

Course: Performance Planning Session

The Performance Planning Session is a facilitated executive session designed to build organizational alignment as your financial institution prepares to launch a retail sales training program initiative centered on Omega Performance’s CON2ECT Customer Experience Model (or, in the case of credit unions, our CON2ECT Member Experience Model).

The session is preceded by an in-depth Performance Analysis, conducted by an Omega Performance subject matter expert with extensive retail and personal banking experience.

During the Performance Analysis, our subject matter expert will meet with employees at all levels of your retail organization, from customer service representatives to managers to executives. We’ll also conduct an online survey of all of the employees within your retail organization. The findings will help to identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and improve our ability to partner with you to ensure your initiative’s long-term success.

Following the Performance Analysis, our facilitator will conduct the one-day, results-focused Performance Planning Session, which will lay the groundwork for an ongoing successful partnership with Omega Performance, throughout which we’ll support you and help you implement our training solutions in ways that will be meaningful and relevant to your organization.

At the Performance Planning Session, we’ll discuss the findings of the Performance Analysis, then partner with you to define your organization’s sales, service, and management priorities—the specific activities for which you plan to hold employees accountable. To help you define these priorities, we’ll introduce our proprietary Performance Priority Calculator, a simple yet powerful tool that will help you determine a realistic frequency for each activity, based on the amount of time that it takes to complete.

Next, we’ll partner with you to identify potential obstacles to your initiative’s success, identify ways that you might overcome them, and guide you as you begin crafting a compelling message, to be shared throughout your organization, to communicate your initiative and its goals.

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