Credit Coaching and Mentoring

Credit Coaching and Mentoring arms your financial institution’s managers, coaches, and mentors with turnkey credit coaching toolkits that they can use to strengthen, supplement, and sustain the skills and knowledge learners develop in our industry-leading eLearning courses.

Our Credit Coaching and Mentoring toolkits are comprised of three components:

  • A brief eLearning course that highlights coaching best practices
  • A course-specific Coaching and Mentoring Guide that includes module-by-module coaching plans, discussion prompts, and activities that encourage learners to link training directly to their jobs, and a behavior-based evaluation that helps you determine whether learners have mastered the training objectives
  • A course-specific PowerPoint deck, complete with teaching notes, that includes a robust review of each module’s content

With a toolkit in hand, your managers are able to demonstrate their commitment to their team’s training and make the coaching decisions that are best for their team, whether that means one-to-one or group coaching, in-person or virtual coaching, and coaching as or after learners complete eLearning modules.

Credit Coaching and Mentoring toolkits are available for the following courses:

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Available Versions

Business Lending Fundamentals: U.S. GAAP, Standard IFRS, AAS, and NZ GAAP
Commercial Loans to Business: U.S. GAAP, Standard IFRS, and AAS
Commercial Loans to Small Business: U.S. GAAP
Commercial Real Estate Lending: U.S. GAAP
Consumer Lending: U.S. GAAP
Financial Accounting for Lenders: U.S. GAAP, Standard IFRS, AAS, and NZ GAAP
Understanding Personal Cash Flow: U.S. GAAP and Standard IFRS

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