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Course: Coaching for Quality Business

Coaching for Quality Business teaches your managers best practices to support and improve their employees’ performance before, during, and after sales calls with small business owners.

This one-day, facilitated training event is aligned to the skills taught in our Collaborative Small Business Conversations course.

Beginning with precall coaching, participants explore ways to enhance the lender’s call plan and—if the manager will attend the call—clarify the role he or she will play and identify the specific skills on which the lender would like feedback. Participants also practice using our in-depth Precall Coaching Planner, which provides step-by-step guidance for the coaching session, in order to ensure it is executed consistently and effectively.

Participants then focus on joint calling. The course teaches practical, realistic strategies for ensuring that when mangers attend calls with lenders, they add value to the conversation, support the lender in the manner agreed upon, and observe the lender’s skills in order to provide accurate feedback.

Finally, participants learn how to conduct effective postcall coaching sessions that result in specific balanced feedback and clear action plans that identify the steps the lender will take to continue successful behaviors and make gains in those areas in need of improvement. As with the first conversations, participants are given a planning tool—this time, the Postcall Coaching Planner—that provides a consistent framework for conducting the coaching session.

The day culminates in a video-recorded skill practice, during which managers have an opportunity to observe a lender during a mock sales call, and then practice postcall coaching. Following the skill practice, participants receive i balanced feedback from their facilitator and their peers.

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