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Banking Course Listings

Collaborative Business Conversations

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Learn to conduct high-value conversations that uncover commercial lending opportunities and result in the information needed to “get behind the numbers” and identify and structure risk-based credit solutions.

Commercial Loans to Business

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Learn to use the Decision Strategy™  to analyze a commercial enterprise’s industry, management, financial condition, and cash flow, and to structure a loan that skillfully mitigates risk.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

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Learn to use the Real Estate Lending Decision Strategy™  to assess investment real estate and construction loan transactions and the unique risks associated with them.

Effective Credit Write-ups

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Learn to prepare high-quality credit write-ups that articulate a clear and compelling—yet succinct—analysis of a business’s management, industry, financial condition, and cash flow.

Financial Accounting For Lenders Course

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Explore fundamental accounting concepts, study the composition of a complete set of business financial statements, and identify potential accounting risks, all from the lender’s perspective.

High-Impact Prospecting and Networking

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Learn how to improve business customer prospecting by building a network of centers of influence, skillfully prioritizing leads, and successfully converting telephone calls into appointments.

Loan Documentation Training

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Learn how to thoroughly and accurately evidence business and consumer loan transactions, including commercial real estate-secured loans and home equity loans and lines of credit.

Minimizing and Managing Problem Loans

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Learn to detect and evaluate early warning signs of problematic loans in order to take the appropriate actions to mitigate the contributing factors and protect the financial institution.

Performance Planning Session

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Define your retail organization’s sales, service, and management priorities and build organizational alignment around the path forward as you prepare to launch a retail training initiative.