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Banking Course Listings

Coach the Coach

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Prepare “managers of managers” to ensure that their direct reports’ coaching sessions with their employees are focused on the activities and behaviors most likely to improve results.

Coaching for Quality Business

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Prepare the managers on your small business lending team to support and improve their employees’ performance before, during, and after sales calls with business owners.

Credit Coaching and Mentoring

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Arm managers, coaches, and mentors with a turnkey credit coaching toolkit that they can use to strengthen, supplement, and sustain the skills and knowledge learners develop in our industry-leading credit training courses.

Customer Experience Coaching

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Prepare managers to skillfully coach branch bankers as they use the CON2ECT Customer Experience Model to build loyal customer relationships and generate additional business for the financial institution.

Performance Planning Session

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Define your retail organization’s sales, service, and management priorities and build organizational alignment around the path forward as you prepare to launch a retail training initiative.

Scorecard Coaching

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Prepare branch managers to coach employees to improve their scorecard results by providing them with specific balanced feedback and assisting them in developing results-oriented action plans.