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Financial Coaching Training For Bankers

Robust coaching solutions for skill reinforcement and sustainment

Because we know that coaching is the best way to reinforce and sustain skills and knowledge—and ingrain the training into your financial institution’s “DNA”—our robust coaching and mentoring solutions comprise the final component of our blended learning framework.

Each of our coaching and mentoring solutions is linked to a specific training course, so that your coaches and managers are able to provide learners with targeted support and specific feedback.

Credit Coaching Solutions

For coaches of employees who are completing an Omega Performance credit eLearning course, our Credit Coaching and Mentoring toolkits provide a turnkey solution that guides coaches through a step-by-step skill reinforcement process.

Our toolkits, delivered alongside an eLearning course that highlights coaching best practices, empower your coaches and mentors to decide how to best support learning—whether that’s reviewing a difficult concept with someone in the midst of a course, conducting in-the-moment skill reinforcement after employees finish a module, or assisting staff with on-the-job skill transfer in the months following course completion.

Credit Coaching and Mentoring toolkits are available to support learners completing the following courses:

  • Business Lending Fundamentals
  • Commercial Loans to Business
  • Commercial Loans to Small Business
  • Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Financial Accounting for Lenders
  • Understanding Personal Cash Flow

Retail and Sales Coaching Solutions

Coaches of frontline staff who have completed Creating Customer Connections or Building Customer Connections begin their learning path with Coaching Conversations, a short eLearning course that teaches a simple, three-step coaching model and introduces proven techniques for creating dialogue, providing balanced feedback, and facilitating problem solving.

Then, depending on the type(s) of coaching your organization plans to implement, learners move to Customer Experience Coaching: Skills Application Lab or Scorecard Coaching: Skills Application Lab.

Similarly, we offer Coaching for Quality Business, a one-day instructor-led workshop, for managers and coaches of staff who have completed Collaborative Small Business Conversations.

In addition to our coaching courses for employees’ immediate managers, we also offer Coach the Coach for organizations that want to prepare the “managers of managers” to mentor their direct reports and ensure that their coaching sessions with frontline employees are happening regularly and focused on the activities and behaviors most likely to enhance the customer experience and improve their teams’ results. This blended learning solution begins with a foundational eLearning course, which is followed by a Skills Application Lab.

For more information about our Coaching and Mentoring options contact us or to learn more about the specific courses we offer, visit our Course Listing page.


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