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Bridge the Gap Between Lending and Sales

Bridging the Gap Between Lending and Sales

Business lenders face challenges that those in typical sales roles do not. They have to qualify businesses to determine whether they can sell to them; assess business, industry, and financial risks; and uncover management’s strategies for addressing those risks. Business lenders must also have the requisite credit skills to analyze their findings and develop value-added solutions. However, arguably the most important skill business lenders can have is the ability to bridge the gap between risk-focused lending and customer-focused sales so that they can build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

The infographic below shows best practices for business lenders, from gathering information so that lenders can relay the business’s story to the loan approvers,  to developing and sharing financial insights with the client, and sharing the lending decision in a way that fosters a consultative relationship.

Want more lending tips to help you  improve your skills and bridge the gap between lending and sales? Our new course, Effective Credit Conversations teaches the skills needed to position your lenders as trusted advisors. Learn more.

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