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Ensuring Consistent and Effective Credit Decision Making

Ensuring Consistent and Effective Credit Decision Making Inconsistent or unreliable approaches to credit analysis expose banks to unnecessary risk. This problem often occurs in bank mergers that combine diverse credit practices. It is compounded by hiring experienced lenders from other institutions that do not share a common methodology for analyzing credit risks. Further, inefficiencies in


Omega Performance Credit Skills Workshop Attended by Top Indonesian Bankers

Omega Performance Credit Skills Workshop Our most recent Credit Skills Assessment public workshop, an industry standard in the APAC region, provided participants with a blended learning experience the included a self-paced, print-based learning program which was followed by active participation in an in-person interactive skills application workshop. The CSA workshop is typically delivered onsite in English;


How Should Global Cash Flow Be Calculated?

The definition of “global cash flow” is bantered around endlessly by bankers and federal regulators alike. It’s common knowledge that upon assessing repayment risk on a small business loan, it’s important to understand the big picture— which is not limited to the business, and includes analysis of the cash flow situation of any individual signer or guarantor. Global