Understanding the 2017 Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

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Understanding the 2017 Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

The Benchmarking Report is real data from real learners from around the globe who have taken Omega Performance’s seven most popular courses and features an easy-to-understand graphical format depicting one course per page. Below is a graphic showing our Commercial Loans to Business benchmarking page, along with simple explanations for the main parts of the page.

Omega Performance has compiled industry training benchmarks using data gathered from learners’ pre-test and post-test results. It shows how learners’ knowledge grows from pre-test to post-test, dividing test scores by module and providing the global average percentage increase in knowledge for seven courses.

With the 2017 Benchmarking report, you have the most up-to-date data on the effectiveness of our courses at your fingertips. This report can help lending organizations to quantitatively compare their staffs’ skill levels to organizations globally.

It will help you to assess the skill level of your credit professionals by comparing their test results and knowledge to the global average. The report also will help you identify common skill gaps that learners have prior to taking Omega’s courses, and the key takeaways learners generally have after taking our courses.

The Training Effectiveness Benchmarking report features the following seven courses:

  1. Business Lending Fundamentals
  2. Commercial Loans to Business
  3. Commercial Loans to Small Business
  4. Commercial Real Estate Lending
  5. Consumer Lending
  6. Financial Accounting for Lenders
  7. Understanding Personal Cash Flow


Download the report today, and see how your organization’s results compare to bankers around the globe!

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2017 Training Effectiveness Benchmarking Report

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