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Best Training Methods for Ensuring that Lenders Retain and Gain Information

Best Training Methods for Ensuring that Lenders Retain and Gain Information

Last week, Omega Performance hosted a webinar to encourage lending organizations to incorporate our Case Study Library into their training. This unique approach to case-based application is designed to  help learners apply and expand their lending knowledge, and—when used in conjunction with foundational credit training—reduce the likelihood that they’ll forget new information.

“Information is lost quickly when  it’s not used,” said Michael Mango, Business Development Director for Omega Performance. “If it’s meaningful and relevant, then it’s easier to remember.”

Mango drew parallels to an athlete’s training regimen. “They have coaching and application and practice throughout their careers to make them better. Reinforcing training is what enables them to do that.”

Omega Performance developed its Case Study Library, which currently consists of seven cases, as reinforcement training—to help learners retain the knowledge they gain in foundational training and develop experience quickly in a risk-free environment.

Four of the cases align with our Commercial Loans to Business course, and the remaining three align with Commercial Loans to Small Business

“Commercial Loans to Business has been the backbone of our commercial credit space,” Mango said. When clients wanted a scaled-down version for small business lenders, Omega Performance developed Commercial Loans to Small Business, which Mango said is aimed at lenders who focus on business with revenue of $10 million or less.


The second half of the webinar included a demonstration of one of the cases from the Case Study Library by Andrea Binkley, Senior Business Solutions Consultant.

“Different banks are using [these case studies] in different ways,” Binkley said, explaining how they can be used in one-on-one or group settings. “You can do the coaching internally, or an Omega Performance facilitator can help you.”

She shared the introductory screen, which presents the loan opportunity learners will assess. The next screen explained how the case study works and the objectives of the learning.

Binkley then clicked open the virtual workspace, which houses all the information the learner needs to evaluate the case study business.

Binkley said she likes that you don’t have to review the case information in a particular order. “You can go to any part of it that you want.”

She showed the industry information on the virtual workspace tablet and explained that the goal is to get learners to the next level of risk assessment and thinking about the “why.” The tablet showed pop-up information that learners can scroll through and read. They also have the option to have a voice read it to them.

Credit Solutions Roundtable

After learners evaluate the loan opportunity and submit their analyses, they attend a Credit Solutions Roundtable, which can be facilitated by an Omega Performance subject matter expert or one of your organization’s own internal coaches.

Should you choose to run the Credit Solutions Roundtable internally, Omega Performance will provide you with a Case Analysis and Discussion Guide, which contains all the information you need to facilitate a session via webinar or in person. Built-in answer keys and teaching points make it easy for coaches to use them in the workplace.

Case Studies don’t just show you financial statements, but also include conversations with borrowers similar to those you would have in real life.

“They are comprehensive case studies that allow for comprehensive analysis—not an elevator analysis,” Binkley said.

The webinar ended with a Q&A Session, the highlights of which follow:

Q: How long does it take to complete a Case Study?

A: It takes an individual about 3 to 5 hours to complete the independent, online portion of a Case Study. Then the subject matter expert reviews the analyses. After that, the credit solutions roundtable can take anwhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the class size

Q: How big are the Credit Solutions Roundtables?

A: The sessions generally include anywhere from 1 to 12 students. Omega Performance facilitators generally don’t conduct one-on-one sessions, but organizations’ internal coaches may use the Case Studies as the basis for one-one-one coaching.

Q: How can the Case Study Library help my organization avoid privacy issues and concerns?

A: It may seem like a good idea to use actual client loan analyses to train your lenders, but ensuring that you’re successfully protecting your clients’ personal data can be a bigger job than it seems. You can try masking names and other identifying information to protect their privacy, but that may not be enough. With Case Studies, you don’t have to worry.

Q: Can you explain the scalability of the Case Studies?

A: Our seven current Case Studies offer learners the opportunity to evaluate businesses with revenue anywhere from $7 million to $80+ million. We’re continuing to develop more Case Studies and incorporate additional industries. Most recently, we added a case on a dialysis center. We always provide learners with a full set of business financial statements and—when the case business is a small business—the owners’ personal financial statements.

Q: How much do Case Studies cost?

A: The implementation of Case Studies can be scaled to fit your organization’s needs. If you’re thinking about purchasing Case Studies, then your best option is to contact us.


Missed the webinar? You can watch the recording here!


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