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Benefits of Microlearning for Your Millennial Workforce

Benefits of Microlearning for Your Millennial Workforce

Millennial using phone to learn

According to a study by the Brookings Institution, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025—and according to this article from elearning industry, they have an average attention span of just 90 seconds.

How can financial services organizations engage this generation of professionals to ensure that their bankers and lenders continue to be well-trained?

Microlearning, or small “bursts” of learning, can be an effective and efficient way to train the modern workforce.

Microlearning typically consists of short “mini-lessons” that focus on a single learning objective. Learners are generally able to complete the lessons anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace, usually on a mobile device.

Because microlearning is quickly and easily accessed and completed, it complements—and capitalizes on—learners’ naturally short (and ever decreasing) attention spans.

The best microlearning courses incorporate multimedia, such as video and audio, to engage learners.

Microlearning serves a different purpose than traditional eLearning. It tends to work best as informal or supplemental training, once a foundation of knowledge from more traditional eLearning courses has been built. It helps your learners to retain information over longer periods of time because lessons are small and are designed to review and expound upon material your learners have already been exposed to.

By continuing to align learning with current trends, technology and your workforce, you will create an environment rich for professional development.

To learn more about microlearning and how it can benefit your training initiatives, download our white paper, The Power of Small Things: How Your Learners Can Benefit from Microlearning!


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